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Shnuggle Bamboo Wearable Baby Towels

R 559.00 R 629.00
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The Shnuggle Wearable Baby Towel keeps you dry and your hands free to concentrate on baby, for a stress free and cosy bathtime. The wearable design frees up both hands to lift baby from the bath and wrap them in the towel with ease.

The towel also includes a snug, baby hood with cute ears and is made from plush 100% bamboo and cotton blend for extra fluffiness and comfort. Keeping you dry and baby cosy.

  • Wearable towel to keep you dry during bath time
  • Includes hood for baby with cute animal ears
  • Plush, thick fabric for a more luxurious feel
  • 100% bamboo and cotton blend for added softness
  • Size: 85 X 85 cm

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